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I've heard people call premo buds crap cause they got people high instead of munted on the couch, something a lot of Aussies seem to like...


Depends exactly who "everyone" is, as to how crap they are. None the less, post some pictures so we can see :sdj:


As for oil, well, if its just for you, then sure why not, but if your planning to 'offload' it, and make it easier to move than buds, well,

you really need to factor into how much bud it will take to even make a gram of oil, and then how much "everyone" is willing to pay for said gram vs

your existing "crap" buds. Not that I'm condoning it, but this is assuming that is why you do want to make oil because you actually give a shit what "everyone" thinks,

and this is for them not you.


Some food for thought :twiddle:


Cyclone -

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Hi mate oil is my fav high, well along with dry sift and everything else from canna really.

But I digress, if your buds are truly crap and its not just your mates not appreciating the finer points of a good high, as apposed to comatose stoned on the couch.

Then the oil will also be crap only stronger crap.

Better to invest in some decent seeds and grow something really good. You only get out what you put in. Just my 2 cents worth.



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Hey cantgrow if you can get a couple of organic plots happening

That's in the ground

That will solve a lot of your problems

you can tie down and stuff they don't have to be monsters

but they will be a hell of a lot more healthy than what had in those tubs

and sum good seed try white widow nice n easy too grow

good luck fella

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