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First timer - when to pull?

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So i ordered some black jack feminised seeds from bonza, planted outdoor Nov 1 in Perth, WA

Its about 7 ft tall now, because of how the light has cast on it, the top half has almost all the buds. the ones are the top are fucking huuuge.

It was planted in good soil and fed powerfeed.


Was wondering when to pull the plant for harvesting, i would think soon? and also, what are your methods to get the most from the rest of the plant? I dont want to let anything go to waste.


Ill post some pics later when i get home

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Heres the plant. It's tied down with rope at the top cause it was growing too tall.


Taken this morning.. What do you guys think? If you need better pics let me know.


The bit where you can see the whole plant, the part on top with the sun, thats pretty much the second pic





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agree with Stix doesnt look anywhere near ready, i would give it another 4-6 weeks

once you harvest it there is no putting it back if its not 'stoney' enuf for your liking


aint nothing wrong with taking a bud, drying it properly and sampling as the weeks pass by

if ya leave it those top buds in particular will gain another 25% in weight, will proly need tying up for support


not letting anytinthg go to waste , keep bud leaf trim and popcorn, convert to canna-butter, use in cooking

with a quick search ya find very good tutorials how to make it on this site

keep the stork an make a walking stick for your grand pa, or something to keep the missus in line ;)

no waste  have fun

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Have heard when the plants ready you pull it hang it upside down and let it dry with the roots on is this right? If not, what's the best way? Thanks guys I'm glad you are saying it's a nice plant this is my first time and I'll mainly be using it for pain relief for chronic illness
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High Arrpotato I have been researching various methods to get the maximum crop and one of the idea's I liked was to take only the mature buds when ready and leave the others on the plant a bit longer so they can fatten up. There is so much info and various ways in which to do this...some advocate early mornings to pull others say evening and yet more still say it doesn't matter. After reading heaps about this there are certain things that really stick out.


Dry Slowly

Cure Properly


are two of the most common. There is heaps of info click here to go to the harvesting section.


Your plant looks great but looks to me like it still has awhile to go...I am fairly new to this as well and would suggest you keep researching until you find a method that suits your situation

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