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Leaves go yellow then brown & die

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Hi all

I have a few plants, all in the same soil, their all doing fine, except this one. The leaves start getting yellow blotches on them,then they go brown then die, mainly from the bottom up.

It's in like a big fish box. We've had a lot of rain lately maybe I haven't got enough drainage holes

If anyone knows please help. All advise appreciated post-52145-0-90701000-1394420269_thumb.jpg

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Without seeing plant leaves could do this for a number of reasons.

First could be too much N.but if others are ok in same soil prob, not.


Too much water could be the problem,they love to be wet then dry out almost completely dry ,just before the leaves wilt.


Also mites can make leaves look like this as much as I can tell from pic.


Add a couple more pics of plants and might be able to see more and give you a better idea how to correct it.


Peace Out


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Some plants love the P lol  anyways their larger draw on the available phosphorus can not only leave them with deficiencies from not having enough available to them it can also drop the ph quite a fair bit causing lockouts too.  If you test the soil's ph and find it a little low you should water it with higher ph water than you need to raise the soil's ph slightly and that will instantly make phosphorus become available again.  If the ph is fine feeding the girl a high P fert should fix her right up.  Good luck with her :)

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Really hard to get good pics with my phone as the main camera is stuffed, but able to get a couple. Maybe u can see the leaves underneath if u blow them up. Had to get out of there, bloody leaches & mozzies are ferocious

I was thinking it may be mites, because all others r fine.

Thanks Skunk for your help.

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