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Moby Dick 1500 50oz Yield?

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Just wanted to get peoples opinion on this strain, According to the bonza seeds website you can get up to 50oz of one plant in this strain...


To get this type of yield would probably need 100% perfect conditions from seedling upto harvest though right? Has anyone grown this strain and gotten really high yields even close to this?

A mate of mine gets between 16-20oz per plant but he runs 4 x 1000 watt hps lamps over 4 plants and has a proper house aircon for cooling along with all the other frute has spent over 10k in his initial setup from buying the tent / lamps / aircons / fans / ducting etc etc and he never buys online and only uses seeds from his "shitty bush plant" as he calls it.... and he called bullshit on the 50oz yield... Ide like to believe it to be obtainable though! I think after i do my first grow and its all done and finished i would love to give this one a go.


your thoughts ?


( tried searching but got nothing maybe im doing it wrong :P )






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Sativa harvests really come into their own when you can let the plants grow out large. The lateral branches grow as tall as the central stem and need a lot of staking otherwise the weight of the buds will split the branches away from the main trunk.


In the above pic, the two small branches in the foreground are from the next plant, the rest of the branches are all one plant.


From the sunny side... there were another couple of plants behind this one... smaller as they don't get as much light, but still a lb a piece.




Bush bud porn...


post-20731-0-44930700-1394516917_thumb.jpg post-20731-0-56963900-1394516960_thumb.jpg


Drying... harvest that year was over 5 lb from 3 plants.



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Get a landrace sativa like Barney's, convert a entire room of the house to a grow area, spend 15k+ on hydro and use every advanced growing method you can think of and maybe... thought I wouldn't honestly have a clue.


MJ turns into a different animal outdoors.

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