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light sometimes doesnt fire

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Recently I have been noticing that my light isn't turning on sometimes.  I need to unplug, then replug it in to fire it up.


Light is a 400w son-t agro and ballast is a solistek 400/600 digital. Timer is a manual type with the dial on the front, not the cheapest model they had.


I don't think its a timer issue as when it happens, the ballast light is on which means power is going through.


I believe that narrows it down to the ballast or the globe.


The globe has seen 20+ weeks of growing, is that old? and do old globes sometimes have probs firing up?


I believe that my ballast is meant to keep attempting to fire the lamp unless there is something wrong.


Anyone had a solistek ballast with this issue?


As stated above, it only sometimes happens. I have seen it off half an hour after lights on time before so I don't think it was ever going to start up.


Thinking im going to just have to get a new globe and see if it still happens..



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hey jez,

one suggestion i can give is to check the socket where the globe screws in, there is a center contact that can become depressed, so that it doesnt make a good contact

very rare but did happen  to me once


only other thing i heard about ballasts is they have a 'starter' ?


someone here will have something more constructive to say

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Old globes can have trouble starting.


Solis Tek ballasts won't fire the globe if they detect a problem....



Pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks, which will check for 8 different factors before attempting to power
the lamp.

SenseSmart™ checks for:
- Open Output                     - High/low temps (internal)
- Ignition Failure                  - Thermal
- End of Lamp Life               - Overflow Current
- Over/Low Voltage              -Short Circuit


I would recommend using a digital rated globe with a digital ballast.


Naycha :peace:

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I am struggling to find a place that stocks the solis tek digital hps lamps or any digital lamp for that matter.. 


I found a place in aus with Sunpulse digital lamps but I believe they are actually Metal Halide http://www.richmondhydroponics.com.au/lighting/digital-lighting/400-watt-sunpulse-digital-lamps-3-kelvin-for-flowering.html  and they are 3k where the solis tek digital hps is 2k. 


Would the 3k be better for me anyway as I only use the tent for flowering?


Anyone know of a good place to get globes or other brands to search for? Searches aren't being very helpful, they keep coming up with digital ballasts... 


I know my hydro shop doesn't have any digital lamps as they have a web shop..

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