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Hi guys and gals.


Newbie to site. Looks great from what I've seen so far.

So good to see an Ozzie site.


Just getting back into growing for medicinal.


I have chronic back and neck problems from roof tiling for more than 30 years.

Old boy also has Parkinson's.


Haven't grown for over 25 years. I see a lot has changed since then.

Just going for a tent setup using coco.


Hope it goes well, and I'm sure this site will be a great benefit.

Got some cuttings in as I speak. Just got them from an outdoor, but a little late.

Hoping the 24 hour cycle will do the job.


One quick question.

I purchased some seed from Attitude Seed Bank. Hope I made the right choice. Been 30 days now and still no show. Has anybody had luck here before.


Now I found an Oz site, where do you guys have luck.



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Thanks for replies.


Doh!!! Didn't even think of that. Was just browsing cannaversity and see there where a couple of oz purchasers on there.


One couldn't say enough good things about them, the other, not so good.


Just mailed me anyway, see what happens..

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Hey - No problem with attitude seeds yet. Several successful large purchases. Welcome ! watch your step. Attitude have some mad techniques at ensuring you receive your stock, not much more advanced than most other seed distributors though. 30 days is abnormal uptime for attitude.



Thanks planted. Did you have em guaranteed?

I didn't and just received this reply from them. Very 'blunt' I thought for a new customer!!!


Hi there


We have the guarantee in place for a specific reason. You have actively checked the ‘Do Not Add Guarantee’ at the checkout and it states there that you are ordering at your own risk. Of course, with the volume of order that we ship there are one or two that go missing - we cannot deny this, this is just the way the postal services work – and for this reason, this is why we have the guarantee in place. In the event of anything happening to a guaranteed parcel we are happy to reship.

I am very sorry this has happened to you, but if you did not agree with our terms that you should not have made the order.


Many Thanks


The Attitude

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Hi Roofie


Sorry to hear about the reply from Attitude (Kinda funny that's their name, and what they seem to offer in customer service! >:(.   For what its worth, I'm in the same boat,(haven't grown in over a decade) and wasn't sure what to do about seeds. I had perfect result from Bonza Seeds into Vic recently. They offer guarantee too (I didn't take it), and their stealth was excellent, total time from order to arrival 10-12 days.


good luck



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