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First Time Grow

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This is my first plant. I'm pretty sure its a male but just want to hear it from one of you more experienced growers. Also I tipped the leaves at a young age. Is that a big no no or does it stimulate more top growth like i'm thinking?


Also sorry for the picture. Definitely not the best.


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Cannabis plants a bit like people in that you need a boy an a girl to make babies...


The boy flower produces pollen which fertilises the girl flower. After that, a seed develops at the base of the girl flower.


A seeded female is not the same thing as a 'hermie'.


A 'hermie' is a plant that shows both sets of sexual characteristics (this is where cannabis plants are different to people). Sometimes a plant looks like a female but produces pollen bearing flowers as well... this pollen can fertilise the female flowers on the same plant and others that are in close proximity.


This is what is usually has happened when you buy a bag of indoor grown (commonly called hydro) that has seeds in the buds.


The same thing can happen with male plants... although the majority of the flowers are pollen bearing, the plant may also grow a small number of female flowers. This tendency is a genetic trait of cannabis that acts as a survival mechanism.


As far as seeds go, you could always do what everyone else does... buy them in from a seed reseller in Europe of Canada.

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