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Large Plant yellowing from bottom up

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I was speaking with a friend of mine today about the great info and help I had received when I posted here and she asked if I could take a look at her plant. my experience is limited but am reading and learning all the time. I grabbed as much information as I could


 Its outdoor

50 ltr pot half filled with loose but what appears to be reasonable quality potting mix

Canna Vega 5ml per litre 5ltrs every 3 days last 3 months...nothing for last 2 weeks except a light dose of Seasol 10ml per 5 litrs

Soil Ph 3 weeks ago was approx. 7 (color chart)

3 weeks flowering



There has been a large loss of leaves turning yellow since it started to flower and as you can see by the pics the yellowing is not just fan leaves it is also new growth. When you first see it the impression is it looks about 50% yellow or dead leaves and that is not including the handfuls that have already been removed. The yellowing extends to the top. I noticed a broken branch that still seemed like it was attached however the foliage had drooped and it looked dead. If you zoom on the second picture you can just see it. my calculated guess is possibly root bound causing lockout so plant feeding off its self. I am not experienced enough to know what exactly is going on so would appreciate any comments.











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This is what happens when you starve a plant through the transition phase from vegetative growth to flowering... lots and lots of yellow leaves.


In the last few weeks the plant should have been getting closer to 4 ml/L of canna vega rather than 1ml/L it was getting.


All it needs are a few good feeds.

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Hi Louise


It was getting 5ml per litre and was given a total of 5 litres at that strength or 25ml per 5 litrs. It was yellowing before flowering but it go a lot worse when it started. As its flowering I know she has Canna Flores for the flowing period bit was concerned over the amount of yellow leaves before using it.


I have since spoken to her again and it has had one dose of the Canna Flores at the same rate 25mls per 5 litres about 7 days ago.


She also mentioned that for a period just before it started to flower it was in the shade but has been moved to full sun for the last 5 days.



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Hi Louise


It was getting 5ml per litre and was given a total of 5 litres at that strength or 25ml per 5 litrs.

Ah yeah... now I see it, no worries a comma would have made your original post clearer.


Still, heaps of yellowing leaves at the beginning of flower is down to not enough nitrogen during the transition and early flowering.


The plant could use a lot more root space, I wouldn't go so far as saying pot up to a tub twice the size of the one it is in but... maybe lift the plant out of the pot and drop another 15-20 L of soil into the bottom of the pot. Then resite the plant on top so the rootball comes up to about a couple of cm of the pot rim and backfill any gap around the root ball and the pot wall.


This way the plant, although in the same pot, will have nearly twice the root space.


And when watering/feeding make sure to water to about 10% run off, so if 5 litres goes in the top around 500 ml should come out the bottom... that you know the soil has been properly wetted.

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