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Biological Pest Control (Bugs For Bugs)

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Hey Stoners,

                       Thought i would start another topic can not see one here for this sso here we go.


Everyone hates bugs in there garden Right?. Well hate no longer my green growing friends because your friendly neighborhood cannabis protector is here. Im talking about Beneficial bugs for your grow room still not convinced well let me. I started my first grow (indoor) awhile back after i got sick i had never before seen a spidermite and i certainly was not aware of there insatiable appetite for cannabis (chlorophyll at least) and there ability to bring even the hardiest crops to its quivering knees. A bit far fetched ? The cannabis plant has many predators the least are :

  • Aphids (various species)
  • Twospotted mite
  • Greenhouse white-fly
  • Scales (various species)
  • Mealybugs (various species)
  • Moth eggs and small caterpillars 

Well the good news is a little guy called the Green Lacewing Mallada signata its a indigenous specious to Australia. And it just so happens to feed on the above pests which seem to just about all the common pests you here about in the garden. I noticed my mite problem like most beginners well after they had taken foot hold and i had worked really hard to make my  first batch of medicine to be as pesticide and chemical free as possible, certainly spraying poison on my 1/3 done flowers was just not going to happen so i jump on Google looked at my options and went for Biological pest control, besides who scared of a few bugs anyway ?

3 days later and $30 light my little guys showed up in the mail, until then i had been in an all out hand to hand combat with the little fuckers my fingers were literally stained green with blood mooowwhaha. (Anyway back from that terrible flashback ) i opened the box up read the instructions made the little bug homes up and marched my little soldiers to war.

4 hours passed and decided to go check on the little guys and to my utter amazement the baby alligator larvae where going to town on the mites there eggs there young it was a Blood Bath one guy i shit you not had 6+ mites impaled on his back and was marching up the stem to the front line to get some more (know idea where he thought he had room for them lol very ambitious) needles to say he got a battle promotion instantly. And this went on for all of 1 day by a full 48 hours i could not find a single mite to squish a job well done. Since then i have tried many other specific predators like Calicafornus (spidermite Destroyer) all with overwhelming response so next time you have a pesst problem dont grab straight for the Neem oil or the pyrethrum think organic think biological think BUGS. 


P.s I never even wait for a problem to occur i put lacewing in at the start middle and end of every grow and now i don't even think about pests at all just about the good ones.

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