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I want to experiment more in COCO MEDIUM! HELP!

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I have an awesome looking dutch passion mazar... she is still in vegging and nearly outgrown her 55L pot now ! woohoo!

Feeding schedule is very basic of Cannazym and Canna A+B....

What possibly Could I add to her feeding schedule to make her thrive and get her even bigger before the flowering starts?

Would Gogo juice apply or maybe even seasol?
I have even thought of dropping some fish guts that have been chopped up and left at the bottom of the coco in the big 150L potting bag she is about to be transplanted into... would this make it way to rich of nutrients and burn her? suggestions guys!!

If not because this is bassically a coco grow is there any other hydrponic nutrients that canna make to boost her vegetation into overdrive ?

Thanks fellow friends!


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Imo I would innoculate media with trichoderma at the very least, a seaweed extract could be useful, although I wouldn't go with seasol rather nitrozyme or if you can find it Arcadian powdered seaweed which is more bang for ya buck

Hey Frank,


Is seasol no good mate? Not for edibles?

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Hey mate,


I would just reccomend those other products over seasol as I've read studies showing there high cytokinin rate, and tbh the only reason I use that product for the plant growth hormones. Seasol, i don't know what is in it, from what I've read the level of auxins/cytokinins in seaweed extract can vary incredibly depending on the conditions the seaweed harvested have been growing in.


In terms of edibles I have no idea how the two are connected?

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Think he means in terms of use on edible plants. It's fine Ra Indus, maybe knock it on the head a couple weeks before harvest if you use it, just to make sure it flushes out well.


No fish guts Dr smok...... thats for outdoors , in soil. Just keep doing what ya doing and hit em with something like PK13-14 once you get flowering.

Happy growing, and get some pics up! lol


:peace: Nibbler

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