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Not normal tho


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is it possible to get 2 shoots from one seed? mutated twin?

I got black domina twins the other day.


congratulations on the sprouts fpok.  to me it looks like a seed case is stuck on there which strikes me as odd if it is indeed twins you have there.  in any case you should be able to easily take it off if the plant needs some assistance but be extremely gentle as sprouts are more delicate than you can imagine when you have a hold of them.

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They are definately both cannabis seedlings. They grow in harmony. But choose not to seperate them now, you may have to compensate for plants which will compete for the same resources. The largre and older they grow, the more difficult seperation becomes.


The seedling stage is also the most vunerable stage of the cannabis plants life cycle....


Don't worry though, the learning experience can repeat itself. This by parting with some hard earned pocket money/savings with our site seed merchants. 


All the best.

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