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Major potting soil and fertilizer problems!

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I'm a long time smoker, first time grower.

I've been using a mixture of scott's osmicote potting soils that have slow release fertilizers, mixed with perlite.

I have been using maxicrop seaweed, charlie carp organic, go go juice and epson salts.

I now realise that these slow release fertilizers don't need extra fertilizer. All of my plants are loosing leaves at an alarming rate,

they turn yellow and fall off, starting from the bottom and working their way up.Three of my plants have only just started tipping and

the other two that are larger haven't started yet. I think maybe I have made the soil too acidic, will check ph soon. Is there anything i can do

to stop them loosing all their leaves and ruining my first crop?

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Are you in the ground or pots ? Are the leafs burning at the tips? Or they just losing leafs bottom up? Best thing I reckon u could do is flush with ph water take a sample of run off water test run off of water to determine the mediums ph level...... This will determine if u have a ph lockout! I'm only first timer that's best info I've been told ! Possibly if you have added to many nutes u can lock out other nutes availability to the plant a good flush let it go for a week if ur losing more leafs try a half dose of plant food! After u flush u can do a foliar spray to quickly add nutes that might be deficient in ! Number 1 rule less is more ! Your plant will tell u if it needs a pic wuld help more over watering can do that also so let your plant dry up between feeds
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you're certainly using good stuff (Gogo, seaweed, carp etc) MJ loves that stuff.

some die off to lower/less useful foliage is pretty common at least for me this time of the year as long as it isn't excessive, hot roots can do it as well so make sure the pots aren't too exposed.

one thing that might be no good is the pine bark mulch i think you've used?

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I've got some coco mulch on top not pine bark.

It has been very hot but their not in direct sunlight all the time.

I just don't think they should be loosing leaves everyday when they haven't even started flowering.

I think I'll flush them in the morning.

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