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Toppin a Plant

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

hey i was told about this method to cut the top of a plant once in vega to increase buddin stems...

i was wondring if u could advise me or provide pics to display this..

much respect

Ele :rolleyes:

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removing the grow tip will make 2 grow tips, Fimming is leaving about 20% of growth on the grow tip which i have read can produce up to 8 new grow tips. I've had no luck with fimming though, So i can't say through experience.

I normally start tipping at about 6 inches high or once the plant has at least 6-8 sets of leaves, Then i just take my scissors out, And snip, Off goes the top.

If the tip you remove is big enough you have your first clone.

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g'day; topping is easy. get scissors or secateurs.

take top of plant in left hand, cut top of plant about height you want it,with secateurs in right hand(swap hands if lefty),if side branches get too high....cut them off the same...dont be delicate, you cannot hurt it.

as long as 20 foot tall plant has 1 healthy leaf it can survive. if you can't cut top off...break mainstem at 90degree angle(dont remove it),after 2-3 days it will be almost upright again. you cannot stress mj with scissors if sensible.imo.

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