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Fluorescent lights and vegetative growth

Do you use fluorescent lighting during veg?  

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Ticked other cause wasn't sure what option suited best. Sometimes I use them in veg sometimes I don't, usually I use hps for the later part of the veg period if I use cfls.


I have used tubes, the cfls you use in regular ceiling lights, and a Philips 80W cfl. I found they were all adequate although hps is superior.


Naycha :peace:

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fluros caused my plants to stretch significantly, they grew extremly slow and there was very little undergrowth which resulted a smaller harvest.


I have used t40's led's and even cfls Although you may save a little bit of money for your bills, your veg time will be significantly extended,


i reccomend using a 400 watt mh for veging. out of all the lights i have used this light yeilded the best results



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Hmmmm, bit had for me to choose which option.

Using CFL's for mums and clones, and will being using a big arse 300w CFL for the first 3 weeks of veg in the next tent (going to veg for 4 weeks before flipping, or at least that's the plan.) and then give it the HPS the last week of veg.

Have used all sorts of CFL's to date too. Woolies 23w's, Phillips 80 and 85 (more recently) a 130w for the mums.
Even had an old lidded fishtank going too, for clones, with an 8w CFL in the lid.

I like HID's more for veg tho. The 150 MH was awesome, but the footprint is a lil too small, esp when I want the light closer to the plants.

I have noticed more stretch under the fluros tho. =\ Not massive amounts, but still, it's there.


Used a 400w HPS for veg before too and it's SOOOOOO much better than CFL's imo.

If leccy weren't an issue, or the COST of leccy, I'd stick with HID's exclusively.


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For me it goes 2 23W cfl (just these desk lamp clamps) while they are tiny seedlings then if the cupboard is available a 130W cfl to get them a little bigger, then under 250 hps for a bit and when I change their light hours, turn that up too 400W hps.  It all depends on times and available space really-the lumatek at 250W is the go though imo-oh sun's best but imo lol


peace and good growing. v :sun:

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Seedlings I use 6x18 watt fluros. 3 are Growlux 3 are standard tubes. I have aluminium tape over the top half of the Growlux tubes as a refelector. Doesn't hurt them heat wise.



sometimes 2x130 cfl for veg or a 250 mh or a 250 mh + 250 hps combined for veg


I try and do most of my growing outdoors.


400hps for flower

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