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UVB Lighting How Much And When ?

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      I am thinking of putting in some Uvb lighting in my garden i was wondering if anyone has had any experiance with this ? And or the scientific facts on why UVB light has such a massive part in Trichome production,size, potency,aroma etc. I will use the 23 Watt Exo Terra 200 UVB rating bulb as it seems to have the highest output of the narrow band spectrum im after. So what i would like too know is

  1. How long do i run it for in the 12/12 cycle
  2. When should i start to use it like first sign of sex, week 2 flower ?
  3. Why dont more people use it ?
  4. Does it actually make the radical difference the data suggest ( experiance from growers is what im after)
  5. And is there a LED on the market with the 280-320 UVB band im after.

I havnt put this in my Glog yet but this is what gear im using


Homebox Tent 1.2x1.2x2.0m

600w Sunmster Duel Spectrum

2 x 48w Nelson 3000 warm Cfl's

3 x 48w Nelson 5000 daylight Cfl's

600w Lumitek Digital Ballest

150 mm Canfan exhaust

150mm Canfan filter

2 x Oscilating 30cm Fans

14000 Btu Portable Air-con

And 1 x 23 Watt 200 UVB CFL (not up yet waiting on advice)

Daytemps 26c 55-60 % Humidity

Nightime 19c 50-55 % Humidity

Pic is of current grow half in flower half just week too two into flower.


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Hi Leeroy I am no expert, but I just finished a grow using Ceramic Metal Halide its as good as a HPS and MH together, heaps of red, blue and stacks of uv, google them and check out the light spectrum. I cant compare it to HPS because I haven't done a side by side but I am blown away by the size of the colas they are as big as what I would expect to get outdoors on a 2m high plant.

But I grew it in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.7 box.

I will be using them exclusively from now on as they don't make sativas stretchy, they stay compact but produce heavily. (check out my diary Ace Malawi)


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