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Buying gear online - where to go for a noob? (Tent/lights/etc)


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Well, since it appears my closet isn't going to work as a potential grow setup (see my other thread), I guess i'll bite the bullet and invest in a grow tent and all the gear.


Doing all my research though online, all the places that seem to sell good 'beginner kits' that include everything you need to get started (such as tent/lights/fans/timers/ballasts etc) are from america, and therefore not what i'm after. 


So, can anyone point me in the right direction for where to buy a beginner's grow setup for a fellow Aussie? 


Not after a big grow tent either if that matters. Just enough for one nice sized plant.


Many thanks! 

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Yes, our site sponsor, Glandore Hydro is definintely worth investigating.

Alternately, eBay. That's where I've bought my hardware. ^_^

I setup a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent for under a grand. Altho I did have to go to Bunnings for some things, chain, carbiners, bungee cords, duct tape, and some other bibs n bobs.
I went the cheap way with pots too. I bought 72c buckets from Bunnings. 2 per plant. Drilled a load of holes in the inner, and popped it inside the outer. Not mess, no fuss.

Anyway, before I get to rambling (I'm feeling all Russell today) I better wish you all the best and sign off. lol



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My closest hydro shop is over 200km away so I've had to purchase all my gear online. 


I can't recommend Advanced Horticulture Systems highly enough.  They have an ebay store [discount_hydro] but you can email them directly [sales@adhs.com.au] with any queries or orders and deposit cash into their bank account or pay via Paypal if you prefer.   I just use the ebay store to see what they have available.  Deliveries have been fast and discreet.


I purchased a jungle room grow tent and it's excellent quality - frame is all metal, no plastic. 


Good luck with it.

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If you can afford it go for a homebox tent, so much better than those Mylar numbers



You can source all your pipes and fittings and hoses even pump if you are going in that direction all from Bunnings or the like, get heavy duty timers though as they are very important.


Obviously my opinion only peeps




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I purchased a jungle room grow tent and it's excellent quality - frame is all metal, no plastic. 


Good luck with it.


Thanks man, this is a good tip!


If i'm trying to keep it simple and as cheap as possible, say I bought the 100x100x200cm jungle room grow tent, and ideally just wanted to grow 2 plants lets say, what lights/reflector/fans would you recommend to go with it?

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Hi Wiko



Those 1x1x2 can get a little hot

Will the room the tent is sitting in have climate control ie aircon if the answer is no and you want to grow all year round you may want to think about a cool tube


600 Watt HPS are good bang for buck

You want need a huge reflector for 1x1

Fans , you need as much circulation as you can get keeps botrytis away

And a cool tube will probably necessitate another fan


Is stealth an issue. Will it matter if it stinks at harvest time ? Do they fans need to be quiet ? You need to think about this too some fans are cheaper but noisy


Have you decided which way you are going to go. Run to waste ? Is simple for a noob

Will you hand water or put on a pump ?


The answer to these will dictate a little on your spend



Hope this helps you

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Indeed, I purchased the 1x1x2 tent because I was in a hurry and they didn't have the 1.2x1.2 in stock.  I had definite heat issues come September [north west Vic] running a 400W HPS.  If I grew indoors again I would have to invest in a cooltube or draw cool air from outside [i didn't because I couldn't put holes in the roof or use a window].


I got an Adjust A Wing reflector which seemed quite good but I'm a noob indoor grower and you should probably take advice from someone with some experience.


I like Mustapha's advice - if I did it over I'd go 600W with cooltube in a 1.2x1.2 tent.  Impatience is a terrible thing:)


You can try and keep it cheap and simple but the facts are you need to spend money to get an indoor set up and it's preferable to spend it right the first time on decent equipment.  I haven't been game to look at what I spent but it must've gone close to a grand and that was with a simple hand watered setup.

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