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Not sure if male pref lower or new growth. (pics including) help appre

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Got six plants out doors, in oz, Second month of summer, 7 foot plants, 4 females, but the other two have pistols as well as little claw type things coming from the main stem..
Think it could be hermie??? or are these just normal new growths...
Because they all Deffiently have pistols (two white hair V shape)
Check out the pics, thanks guys

Side question..
Those patchy leaves? what would that be?? its only effecting older growth and plant is overall healthy. cheers



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I've seen that before.  Its just an abnormal trait that grows a branch instead of a preflower. It never caused any hermie problems or anything from what I remember but I do recall ripping them off because it only ever happened on a few nodes instead of the whole plant and the branches were weaker than the ones that produce popcorn buds.

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Too early to sex, no preflowers.


You have a serious thrips or fungas infection, lol didn't you notice it? I suggest you buy neem oil, dilute it 5mL per liter, add a drop of dishwashing liquid, mix it & spray that entire plant down, trust me they'll thank you for it! :)


Do it only at dawn or night. Never in direct sunlight.

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