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well i got 20 more new seeds that i aw going to plant while season is still in- anyway i am looking to put all the seeds in one area then when Males and females show ill remove the males,


anyway here is my question, how far can i space the seeds from eachother?

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You should plant each seed into either a single container like an 80mm plastic pot, or a punnet with individual cells. The less space you have between them the less space needs to be taken up to light them well.


However, once they start to grow, they'll need to be moved further and further apart to get light to all their parts. It depends greatly on the circumstances, but if you're direct sowing into their final position, you could have then at one plant per couple of feet, or one plant sown per 4. If you're planning on thinning out you could plant closer, and as the ones you don't want appear you remove them.


If you're planting into pots you can start with small containers, like seedling punnets or individual containers or even individual rockwool cubes. The plants will germinate and grow for a short while in these, but remember, as above, as below. There will be an equal root mass as there is vegetation above, and in the early seedling stages it may even be that the root mass is larger than the foliage. Whilst it's easy to repot a root bound plant, a root bound seedling is usally underfed, and choking for air and water a bit. So repot gently, when you need to. This is something that's dictated by you're circumstances and growing methods too.


Hope that helps a bit. lol

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ok man thx...




i dont want to start the plants off in pots simply because i dont want to transplant- I want to plant then Leave- so u answered my question-


Ill space the seeds 1 meter apart-

that should be plenty


Ill have some pics when there about a month in growth;.




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Remember to keep in mind that there'll be males in there, and you'll want to remove em as soon as they show themselves. This will affect your spacing.


You should plant up to 4 times as many seed as you expect to end up with good finished females. About half could be male, and another half of the fems might not be what you're after, or very vigourous. So it's better to overplant than underplant. That said, those plants that you want to grow will do better with as much light and space as you can give em. lol


Hope that helps, keep us updated TYO84. lol

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