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Totally twisted

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I have been through Cannaversity a couple of times and cant work out what the problem is with these two plants.


(a) I put in two seeds of THC Bomb and gave one seedling to a friend, mine is in a pot and fine albeit not growing as vigorously as I would like however.....   the sister plant at my friends is one twisted sister!!  It started out quite normal and growing vigorously but about 2 weeks or so ago the new growth started to appear slightly off colour and a bit twisty, I thought he had accidently poisoned it but he hasn't been using weed killer of any sort. The growth is becoming increasingly deformed and although in the beginning the twisted leaves would turn out flat and normal they are now becoming slightly curved.


(B) I have a potted unrelated plant (Northern Dwarf) that has been growing vigorously and looked quite healthy but about a week ago the new growth became quite yellowish and had brown marks almost like bug nibbles although I couldn't find any kind of bugs. The leaves have since of their own accord lost the yellowish colouration but are showing some slight browning near tips as per photos.






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Same here OzStoners.  I'm thinking it must be heat/wind or something stressing and locking out something-maybe getting salty or needs Fe or some other micro-nute.  What is your medium if yu don't mind me asking?  forgive me if I missed it :bonghit:  I have a couple outside in potting mix (searle's kickalong) and cow manure and they are doing the same?   I've been around the web as well as cannaversity and having trouble pinning it down-

the last hotos look like some pests have been at work maybe mites?  I gave mine a ph'd water only feed, eco-neem spray and when that dried/absorbed foliar fed them with some NF ulife, then brought them in outta the wind for intensive care-I had one plant basically disintegrate when it was blow 25-30 for the last 3 months lol-these ones seem to be recovering though.  Are you getting any split or brittle leaves as well?  hard to distiguishe for me because of the lil green grasshopper devils eating everything in sight barzids :twiddle: 

Like previous posters have mentioned though,  they will bounce back for you.  Good growing to you.


Peace. faith :sun:

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Yes think the twisty plant is due to heat stress because looking at it yesterday its starting to normalise (forgot to take my camera).


I'm also starting to think that my plant might also have been heat affected as well as I haven't treated it or done anything to it and it is also normalising now the heat wave is over. The off colour new growth with possible bug damage in the opening post has come out nice and green with some marks where the brown bits were but apart from that its looking ok.



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