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Another is it ready thread

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Hey All, I have my first female flowering, an Auto Amnesia.


She popped up 11 weeks ago tomorrow, she has been going alright despite losing the main stem to my clumsiness.


A couple of pics of one of the most mature buds attached.


Any opinions on how long they need for a nice 50/50 head/couchlock stone?


I have the 420 scope, but I just can't tell.






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Thanks mate, I have some AN "Final Phase" to use in the flush.


It's in soil so I'll start that this week and get ready to try some of my own home grown for the first time in a few weeks or so.


Any tips or "don't do's" for a noob would be welcome, I can see the finish line now and I don't want to screw anything up.


I've been reading so many guides with conflicting info so if you have any common mistakes or untruths I should avoid, I'd be glad to hear them.

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Thanks all, I look forward to the day that trimming becomes a hassle.


This one was pulled on Friday night. I've managed to resist quick drying a sample to test my first home-grown buds.


All up I think I'll be lucky to get a 1/4 dried - but I don't consider that a huge failure, she lost more than half of the main stem a couple of weeks into flower and I was just left with the 2 lower nodes.


Still smells like cut grass this morning and the stems are still very flexible so a little more drying out then into the jars.


I have 4 more girls flowering, Sleestack X Skunk, White Widow, Blue Cheese and Kosher Kush, absolutely loving the smell in there!


I'll get these done, pack up the tent and start thinking about how to do it all again, bigger and better, the heat in my tent is topping 45+ on a bad day so I need to get them inside for the next run.

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