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Dark green leaves from too much nitrogen...

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  1. This is my first outdoor grow and my best plant got over fertilized. Slight nutrient burn on tips and edges. (not very bad)
    But it has gone a dark shade of green when it was a lighter green less than a week ago a few days after i put on the fertilizer.
    I heard too much nitrogen can cause this..
    Anyway will it recover?? Because it the middle of summer and not far off flowering stage.
    \they are in the ground btw and i have been flushing soil...
    burn isnt getting worse. growth may be slowed not really sure..
    HOW much will this effect yeild..


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I've read that some grower like to "over nitrify" their plants before going in to flower.

Having seen how pale my plants have gone when they start flowering, I can certainly understand why....

FYI, your pic is not displaying, if that is indeed meant to be a pic to the left of your text.

Are the plants showing any signs of ill health?

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nah i didnt put up a pic, dont know what that is haha.

But no overall the plant seems in good health. Some leaves were curling up a bit but they flattend out now. Does seem like it ISNT worsening. maybe slowed growth hard to tell...

And slight wilter through the day only because of a heat wave. 


Btw when is expected to start flowering end of jan or feb you think?

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First up, stop trying to flush the earth. It works in a pot but not if the plants are in open ground.


The leaves will continue to do their work, the buds will grow and if you don't give more nitrogen to soon, the leaves will lighten as the excess nitrogen is taken up by the new growth.


The commencement of flowering will depend on the strain... indica doms will begin to bloom earlier and sativa doms a bit later. Not knowing what you are growing or at what latitude you are gardening at... I can't say more specifically than between the end of Jan and mid feb as a ball park figure.

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