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Should i cut her down?

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Hey all! Plant is on day 73 of flower and has encountered a few problems in her life but has help on til the final stages haha. Pistils are around 20% orange with mainly milky/clear trichs and a few Amber here and there. I feel like it can go a little longer but nutrient issues have shed the majority of her foliage and is starting to affect the bud leaves. Was planning on making some iso hash with the trim bit doubt I'll get much haha. I flushed her today with 6.6 ph water and yeah just wondering what you guys would do in my situation. Cheers for the replies! :)



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Dude, never ever show your shoes in photos like this- almost as incriminating as showing off your tattoos… 



"mainly milky/clear trichs and a few Amber"

you could take it down down, now or wait another week...

Shoes are made by the million in china.  Tatts are unique.  I know wish I would feel safer showing in a pic.


As for the question at hand I'd give her the chop only if those dying leaves really look like they're becoming a hazard to the rest of the plant.  The last two weeks really make all the difference but that means nothing if the plant goes to shit before you can harvest.  Give her as long as you can and you won't regret it.

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Yea Doc is right on.I would keep her going too,but I have the habit of trying to keep all yellowing leaves off.

I have had alot that didnt need trimming by the end.

But diff strokes for diff folks,But in the end its a tuff old weed we are  growing.

Good Luck

Peace Out


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Awesome, thanks for your tips and suggestions! I'll keep a close eye on her over the next few days and chop her when the yellowing moves closer to the buds. Was also considering putting her in 48hrs of darkness before the cut, have heard good things about the extra resin production from the stress. Its my first plant that's actually made it to harvest, I'm pretty fucking excited :D
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If this is your first to reach harvest, just harvest the thing. 48hrs darkness is not going to make any difference to the smoke.


I've seen new growers get almost to the end, then whack the plant in a dark cupboard "to improve the resin" and have naught but mouldy buds 48hrs later.


Cut and hang is a dim but airy space to dry.

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i would have taken it down the second i saw amber trich's, but it all comes down to personal preferance...

Some people say that the earlier you cut, more cbd's and cbns will be present and you will likley have a nice headstone,

whereas when your trichs go amber it actually means that your trichroms are dying and disintegrating, and you will experience more of a body stone,

You really want to aim for 50/50 so i try to cut it when the trichs are milky and maybe 5/10 percent amber..


p.s dying leaves is usually a dead give away that the plant is at the end of its life cycle


Thanks sizaline

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