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I have a 3 month old seedling?!

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I feel rather silly and I don't think I'm doing very well haha. I'm a first time grower, my little plant is about 10cm tall with very tiny leaves. It's at least 3 months old, it's not dying but it also isn't growing. It was initially grown on my windowsill in compost (yes, I know *facepalm*)


It's now outside in a sunny position, it receives water and I have fertilised it (not too much)

I just don't understand why it seems to be in suspended animation.

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one, I've got a couple still like that and a couple more that only started growing properly about 3 weeks ago once I repotted. In my case I think it was more that the mix I had them growing in was too dense for the root system to penetrate, and also I think I overdid the water crystals as they turned to solid lumps further exacerbating the issue.

Possibly similar situation, along with not enough sun? I think starting mine too early also stunted them with a lack of sun, half I started went to flower once they were 5cm tall.

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What's your medium mate? What do u feed it?how often do u feed it ? Area? Is it in pot or ground? I'm first time grower as well I had same problem this is how I fixed it!!!! Bowl of phed water pull your plants out carefully dip the roots in water till u free the roots of any soil just dip them! Make a new medium up if its roots are decent on it try mushroom compost coco coir pot mix sand peat moss perlite! Chuck ya plant into this.. With nutes go easy on them the don't even need nutes when there a seedling tbh I just top dress with rabbit poo won't harm the seedling!dont leave your soil soggy the roots hate it as a seedling I noticed as the cant absorb as much oxygen like that !! Hope that helps man as I said I'm not a expert that's what I'd do give ya plants fresh start! Good luk
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Have similar problem. Seedling just not growing: not going yellow or looking bad - just not doing much (Budda Magnum Auto. Fem).

Growing in Premium potting mix with manure and fish by-products with some Spongolite mixed in to retain moisture, add trace elements and airate the soil.

Growing in a cupboard under 3 x 30w 5000k and 1 x 30w 2500k CFL's.

Out of 4 OS seed orders, only two arrived: anyone think Customs is irradiating seeds?

Any help much appreciated.

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