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HELP balls and white/brown hairs on the same plant

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Hi, have two plants grown from seeds from buds harvested last grow.

Its good smoke and the plants grow fast and big.

Both plants have had white hairs for weeks, now I find balls and hairs on one of them.

Does this just mean that its another herme and will produce buds?

Any positive feedback will help. see the pics and see what you think. Both pics are of the same plant, different branches.




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If it has balls and flowers it's a hermie.

If the other one grows balls , it will be a hermie also, no balls, then you will have a girl.

The hermie will fertilise both plants and fill the buds with seeds, pull it out or have seedy buds. May be already too late

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It wont smoke that great when its full of seeds you will end up with not much bud by the time you have pulled the seeds and potency will be down to best bet is to get rid of the weirdo


Yield will be down but seed doesn't reduce potency, that's just an internet myth. Seeds will increase potency a bit if anything from my exp. They definitely don't reduce it.


:peace: MongyMan

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i agree same potency, if you dont have many plants and are in pots id just move it well away, leave it and it will fully seed everything,if you have many plants just pull it, also keep in mind that with some strains, half of the males pre flower male flowers and are identified easily, but the other half of the males, pre fower female flowers at first, and then change sex, which means they look female at first, but change sex in early flower

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