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Totally Dumb Luck....FAIL!

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Hi all, 

        Well I have had my girls in the ground for few months now. 5 White widows. Got 5 regular beans, try to make seeds for winter and next year. And dumb luck paid off and I got 5 girls out of 5. Which is not what I wanted. So I ask beside finding a male to pollen then girls, has any one tried using Colloidal Silver Spray on them to get them to produce balls. I was reading a few papers on how they so call make 100% female beans. One of the methods they said they used was by spaying females with Colloidal Silver once they start to flower. Which .. long story short. Make the females turn hemmy, however the pollen inside the balls in only female pollen. It is not like when a plants is a true hemmy it has both sex in the plant. So when is does get pollinated with the female pollen, it produces female seeds.


How they explained was like in humans,  male plant is XY , female is XX, Hemmy is like a down syndrome they have a extra part XXY.   Male plants have both male and female pollen in the balls, if a seed X female gets pollinated by a male pole Y you get a XY male sex, if you get pollinated by female pollen X you get XX female seeds. However if you spray the plants with Colloidal Silver the female plant with produce balls, aka got hemmy. However as the plant is Female the pollen only have the X in it. So making only XX seeds , female.


Just seeing if any one has tried this, if so has it worked or not? As the down side to doing this is that all the meds your get off that plant are only good for mulch. Can smoke them.

Or any other ideas would be great.





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