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New grower (Few Questions)

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Hey guys i have 3 questions so here goes.

1. Is the pot the plant is in to small or will it be fine for a few more months ? What happens to the plant when its rootbound ?

2. Some of the bigger fan leaves are folding getting a little dry on the outer edges, What would cause this ?

3. Can you determine the sex at this age (approx 7 weeks)




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Look for pre flowers white hairs usually be near top plant maybe a branch 2 lower .. I'm 1 st time grower as well that's how I been told... And on the pot bigger is always best in soil ground being the best ... Going into flower with root bound plants will not be as efficient as a free root space ..also got told your buds will swell more if you go into flowering with free root space ...hope this helps man peace
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