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What the f.....

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Am I completely mistaken or is this feminized plant showing some balls..........


It is Power Plant from Dutch Passion.




bout 10 days into 12/12 with pistils starting to show all over.


I understand Dutch Passion are one of the better breeders out there and this was taken from their website:


"Power Plant has been a key part of our collection and has been regarded as a Dutch Passion legend alongside, and on a par with, White Widow. It was only ever inbred by us, never hybridised, and remains a pure and stable strain with a great and well deserved reputation"


Am I mistaken by thinking feminized seeds are strictly female, not hermie?


What the f......


ps. from bonza

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dutchpassion used to sell female seeds but changed the description to feminized because people were still getting hermies and males.  Turns out that feminizing only mostly works and is influenced by growing conditions.  Colder temps, more realistic light cycles, etc. all greatly help keep the plants female while less than ideal conditions can make them throw balls.  The same applies to regular seeds too but from what I've read it seems like feminized seeds are more prone to going hermie because of shitty breeding and life trying to find a way jurassic park style. 


I really wish people would see the feminized seed movement for what it really is, monsanto like corporate greed.  The genetics are manipulated, breeding risky/impossible to do, auto strains are terminator seeds, etc. and there is literally no benefit to the home grower over regular seeds at all.  In fact people are paying more for an inferior product and if everyone who bought fem seeds was vocal about the hermies/males instead of being too embarrassed and thinking they must have messed up I bet within a few months no-one would make fem seeds ever again.  They'd be too risky for home growers to use and the people making them would seem like the corporate dicks they are. 

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Man... That sucks..

You would think being a "legend"  they would not have any hermaphrodite genes at all...

Sent dutch passion an email - no response yet.

I am also open to the possibility i was given regular, not feminized. I did not buy direct from dutch passion.

Such a shame because it really was a beautiful plant. i have never seen such even growth.

I might try taking all the balls off i see but i am worried that i may miss many and corrupt the white rhino in the same tent..


Power plant about a week before the balls... with a little lst see how symmetrical..



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I agree with doctor who for the most part,

i do find it handy for the lazy or busy grower who cant be there to rip males on time,

or the grower with limited space for only 1 or 2 plants the odds in favour of females makes it a worthy option.

all in all regular is the real way to do it!

autos and feminizing is just muck around shit don't take it too seriously,




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I am the latter - I don't have space to grow a range of plants.


I really find it hard to believe its that hard to get seeds with proper genetics... What do these people do all these years they are breeding?


No response still from Dutch Passion. I don't believe it would be a language barrier either.

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Dutch Passion can be hit and miss. As there are so many companies trying to bring the next best strain out. They only some times go to F3 which is still not 100% stable. Mind you I never think any strain is 100% stable. I got purple 1# from DP 2 grows ago and lucky i only grow 1 of them. As I got a Nice 6 foot Hemy.


If you are ordering beans I would try and stick to older strains if you dont have the space. Ones that have been around for years and are more stable. As stable as they can be. Also read up on the company your getting from. There is a lot of rip off people. I dont push companies but there are a few that I use. Demon Seed, Bonanza and Green House Seed are good. However you can get greenhouse bean from both the first companies.



One a side note, depending on what you are doing with your hemy. This is an old school trick I have done a few time and it has worked about 50% of the time. Keep a close eye on the balls, once you see them starting to open. Take a small tooth brush and Carefully bush the male balls with the brush then brush one of the lower branches. Only one small flower. Then remove the ball and keep and eye on the others. Sometime, this is not 100%, the plant is fooled into thinking it has been seeded and will still grow balls however the pollen is sterile. 


Or just grow her out and try and get the balls before they open. You still will get meds that might be lightly seeded, but still get your through till next time.


Good luck bro. 

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