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Ok so i have 6 sativas growing outdoors. They are starting to show sex.
4 are female, 1 is male and one not sure yet.
Any way i want to pollinate a branch of my healthiest female for seeds for next year..
but all my plants are in the same area. and dont want to pollinate them all.
How would i go about doing this??
Take cuttings of the male (then get rid of it) to make clones and keep them somewhere where they cant get the females till i get pollen from them?
OR can i wait for the balls to become more mature then cut the top off the plant and leave the stem in water? (i read that somewhere)
Any advice would be helpful 

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It could but I would trim it down to 1 or 2 feet a few days before transplant, even at that size you will have way more pollen than you need.



Transplanting is a good Idea, I would be doing it now. If the balls are still closed.


If you wait till there more mature, if you cut the plant, move it, or anything it will release pollen. So if you dont want all the girls seeded. Then this is not a good idea.



However, if you are serious about breeding your own strain, then a lightly seeded crop is not that bad. As next your you can start to cross the 6 strains you have, to make your own one. 

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