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Strange looking disease... can't be good..

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You may have seen an earlier post about a pineapple chunk I have that was growing weird.  post-52506-0-18041300-1388799173_thumb.jpg


I half gave up on it and put it outside. The leaves kept growing pretty strangely but it seemed to be improving over time and it was starting to look more normal and quite healthy.  post-52506-0-96434800-1388799006_thumb.jpg


In the past 3-4 days I noticed the new growth had a definite dirty pinkish streaks showing in it. I thought it was a good thing to start and that it was going to look all exotic but as it grew more I noticed it has tiny holes where the colour was and the colour was turning brown and dead like. Under close up, the cells of the leaves seem to be growing all messed up as well, instead of long ridges, they are growing in small round clusters..   


post-52506-0-21856800-1388799096_thumb.jpg  post-52506-0-89898600-1388799038_thumb.jpg


Any ideas what this could be? This plants had problems since the beginning but I just can't bring myself to throw it because it has the most amazing aroma to it, ive never smelt anything like it and its not even budding :)





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