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Hey guys and girls, I've finally decided to get my guerilla grow on. Only 1 plant for now, see how successful she is. 

The area in the reserve I chose is in thick bush only accessible by kangaroo trails. I've chosen a spot with a good gap in the tree canopy also.

The plant is a cutting from my mother and has been in veg for 1 month, she is 1 foot tall as of the 1/1/14. To deter kangaroos etc from having a snack I've scattered dog crap all around my plant and also pissed on a few trees, fingers crossed this works.

I am planning on visiting her once a week, so will update with more pics then.


Peace all







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Week 2


So far so good, no damage to my little girl. Next week I will spay pyretheum on her, I noticed some black flies hanging about it so that will sort them out.

I did the same as last week with more dog crap added and gave her 1.5 litres of tap water.

She seems to enjoy been out in the wild, roughly grown an inch since last time  :good:


Enjoy the pics 





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Look nice, Happy. I don't think she will get anywhere near the size of her mum, looks like she has started to flower already ?

You may have her planted in a spot that gets too much shade during the morning/late afternoon, tricking her into thinking it is time to flower.......... :greedy:

I hope not, I was planning on using this spot for next season on a grander scale, all been well. I might have to find a bigger opening in the canopy. Size wise I'd be stoked with 2-3 feet before flower.

I suppose next week we shall find out. 


Peace mate

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i agree with train wreck, you have to have as much direct sun as possible, if you go to the grow sight with a compass, you can have some i dear  how much shade  there would be from a east west access as the sun goes low on the horizon, on a good note, i have never seen roos eat much at all, the pests for me are rats,rabbits, i did expect to see roos munching, but didnt happen, i have heard that in dry places they are worst 

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