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Raising seedlings outdoors. Not bloody easy! FFS!

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Guys.. This year round im having terrible trouble raising my outdoor seedlings... 4 autos I have which are "super autos" that actually do very well been raised outdoors are pretty much stunted. Due to sydneys hot weather I'm not sure and a dodgy ph pen Im waiting for replacement from ebay. I also found a mazar seedling (non autoflower) that I had in a pot. and forgot about with a 70%coco and 30% worm mix..
Its been raining after our storms and its the third week now and it still looks like its JUST risen about the soil with its first tiny set of staggered leaves.. pathetic !!!

Ive swapped houses and use to have a fluro tube setup. I had no problem raising seedlings to their third node and then transplanting outdoors and doing fine... but this is just killling me. Something so damn simple Ive done for years and years it just failing on me. I feel like a noob again.

I know im a bit late but I now have some herijuana beans germing in water. Whatever I get .. I get I need some smoko for winter rolls around soon.

Which is the BEST way to raise them? Seed raising mix? I have some yates seed raising mix here and some tiny 5cm raising pots. Is this the go? PH water feed to 5.8?

What is everyones method of raising seedlings outdoor? Its bloody hot here in sydney I think I'm Pretty much stuffed I think.

thanks stoners :( :( :(

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I germ them in wet paper towel between 2 plates on top of the fridge.


When the tails of the seeds get to around 1 cm or more I carefully place them tail first into the Coco.


Mist with water twice a day while under lights and when they are 4 or 5 days old the tap root is well and trulely down into the mosit Coco

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