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Seedlings too bloody slow! Am I overreacting?

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Hey guys... this is the THIRD week of growth now... I started a light canna feed 2 weeks ago.

medium is coco (canna) and I have about 30% of organic wormcastings...

checked ph to a steady 5.8 and 4mls per litre of canna.
No nute burn.. getting a steady watering every second day..

this is an auto strain "think different"... the 5 of them are all like this... Maybe its just a slow strain to start off with?...
they are outdoor in the full sun all day.

I have a mite problem every year.. this year I sprayed the whole backyard with a full drench mix .... So I cant see any signs of a problem.. they look green and healthy and the leaves are upright soaking in the sun..... Maybe they are attacking the root system and medium? I cant see any signs of them on the leaves however ?

I have some cannazym here.. think its too early for a light dose of that along with my nutrients?

ideas guys or am I overreacting? I took some pics... Have a look... I added some sugar cane mulch yesterday to protect the soil  from the extreme heat we have in sydney happening at the moment  is this a bad idea?



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mate don't stress, sadly from my experience with autos don't do too well started outside. I would highly recommend starting them inside next time, even under some CFL's. Makes all the difference in developing a good amount of nodes and even multiple colas. And man this heat is a shocker in sydney aye. luckily my room is quite cool so they didn't get damaged.

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Yeah think It mite just be the fact its an Auto Outside, 
You don't seem to be doing anything wrong... 

My suggestion is a little one & may not work But its worth a try & cheap..  cut 2  1L coke bottles in half & poke some holes around the bottle for air flow
then just put them over the little ones.. Mini cheap greenhouse :)

Like I said this may not work because it is an auto but hey worth a try.

Maybe take some of the mulch away too, The small ones only have small fibrous roots at that age & will need space to move their roots deeper in the soil..

:bonghit: Peace 

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They are probably getting too hot...too much heat is just as hard on seedlings as too cold... as is strong feed during hot weather. If you look close at the second image... the beginnings of tip burn are evident. Personally, I'd cut out the feed for a few days and just give plain water, or maybe a little seaweed extract, and make sure the pots are getting morning sun but are sheltered from the afternoon's heat.

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Autos supposed to have their own biological clock and not affected by light and dark periods. They will react the same whether indoors or outdoors supposedly and not like photos.

Please check nutes also ph should be around 6.5 but generally. Heat might also be a factor as it can be really hot weather. I go out a white man and come back tanned from the heat this summer. 

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seemed to have found the problem..I mix up my nutrient in a 25L tank...

now i DOUBLED checked my ph at a steady 5.8 in there...

I checked it today and it was sitting at 7.5!!!  this seems like the reason!
Might have had a dead bug in there that raised the PH.. who the hell knows..

ive moved the plants in the shade... the weather in sydney is a killer at the moment. Ill let them dry out a bit... and this time mix up my nutrient in 3L milk containers for the time being .

im putting another 4 more plants in the grow too.

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