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when to start nutes ? seedlings in coco!

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Guys I have this problem everyyear of when to judge to water my seedlings in coco. because I didnt start these in a seed raising mix im fine until the third set of leaves no problem.

I have some autoflowers and all time is CRITICAL for them as they are a 12 week pheno.

They have there first set of staggered leaves now. The original set they sprout (non staggered) are not dead yet ethier.

When is okay to give them a light pussy strength feed of nutrient a+b, I also have some cannazym aswell?
All of my years of in coco I have NEVER checked EC. I find the stuff I feed them from my local hydro store is called CROWN A + B. Its similar to canna
and In my view works just as well if not better. I havent had over salt buildup from the nutrient whatsoever. Always got cracking plants every year with no problem.
I only check PH to a 5.8.

They are in coco with a worm casting mix.   70% 30%.

Thanks guys

pic related.


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