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potting mix, need perlite? extra ferts?

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Using this potting mix: http://www.scottsaustralia.com.au/osmocote/osmocote-professional-potting-mix/osmocote-professional-premium-potting-mix.aspx
Is adding perlite unnecessary because of the 'wetting agent' in this mix?
Also planning on adding a small amount of lime, dynamic lifter and blood and bone. Is this overkill? The mix already has slow release fertilisers which last 6 months... outdoor grow btw in poor soil; light and course on top and gets quite thick and sticky 3-4ft down (I'm guessing clay)

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Mate i use the same potting mix in a blend of 60% potting mix, 20%perlite and 20% coco ( canna or similar brand made for hydro) generally this mix has enough ferts from the potting mix to support a plant for about 4 -6 weeks with watering with plain water and I always use seaweed (seasol etc) at least once a week. After that you will need to water with 1/3 to 1/2 strength hydro nutrient every second or 3rd watering and as the plant gets bigger and begins flowering you can go up to 3/4 strength every 2nd watering. 


I think this is because the osmocote in the mix is slow release and as the plant get bigger and metabolises more food the slow release cannot supply quite enough. I never add any other dry ferts to the mix but you could experiment. I find it simpler to just use liquid food when i think the plant needs it by the way its growing, how the leaves look, what colour the growing tips are etc. From my experience i get growth rates similar to doing hydro in straight coco without having to stress about the pH and ec all the time cos the soil buffers the pH for me and allows lot of room for error with feeding schedule. 

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G'day mate, go find yourself some nice organic potting mix from bunnings look for the certified organic symbol on the bag...then add coco you can use coco bricks if you want they are easier to find and cheaper. For poor drainage you can add perlite or for water retaining use some water crystals at the bottom. If you want a fert i'de recommend some kind of organic slow release fert like blood & bone (no added potash) or composted bagged manure (chicken or cow). The key is not to overdo anything make sure with the potting mix you only have 2 or 3 other things in there, most the time potting mix will have additives and fert in it so you shouldn't need to add any extra ferts yourself. I'de highly recommend potting mix/coco/perlite then feed with seasol (seaweed extract) when it needs it. Keep it simple, water your plants but only when they need it and you'll have some nice babies. Hope that helps

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