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help with sexing


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Hi everyone,


I need help with sexing some plants - they have outgrown their 1L airpots and I only want to transplant keepers [female].  They are all the same strain [Mandala 8 Miles High].



There are 2 plants showing what appear to be calyxes but no pistils [1st and last pics] - can these still be male?  or am I safe to assume they're female.


And 2 that look to have male pre-flowers [2nd and 3rd pics].



I'd really appreciate if someone, with more experience than I, can confirm these for me.





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Heya crowsange cheers for the post :toke:  I'm not able to tell yet but am gonna follow - I'm not very proficient at early sexing and any practice helps.  I would lean toward caution and give them a bit longer as well, like mentioned. Are they really tied up in the pots or do you have a little time? 


My plants this time around have seemed pretty much straight forward M or F (I tipped them last week and one threw balls the next morn so it was an easy decision lol )  For a guess, I would probably go along with brick but like LGYN  (not these days bil ;) ) says I wouldn't guess cos ...yeah   Oh! but my new specs arrive on the 27th lol


I think this topic would make a superb 'real time' reference for us pic dumping not-so-experienced growers doncha think?  Mind you I tend to learn faster after a f'k up or 2 :bongon:


Peace and good growing. f :sun:

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