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Yellowing leaves and curling during flower...

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Just thought I'd ask others opinions, first time indoor, canna coco grow,

Sugar leaves are turning a pale yellow, not sure dosnt look very nice and curling dwn,

600 hps 4 bag seeds (5 were hems) 20 lt pots hand watered, run to waste, nothing tech. Clay balls

For drainage top an bottom, light on temps 25-28, 20-22 lights off 50% h. Ph kept at 5.8 and have been backing off a bit on nutes, may have got greedy on the pk13/14. Watered/fed evry 2nd day.. Love to

Hear from some other canna coco growers. Cheers peace.





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How long have they been in flower ?

How high is the humidity ?

What was the ec of the nutrients you were/are feeding them ?

If it is not caused by a lack of nutrients in the water/feed, it may be a lockout due to over watering ?

I only need to feed/water 2 times a week, but that is plant/pot size dependent. 

Do you let the coco dry out a bit before watering again ?........... :greedy:

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Hi Ralph.


You say your ph is 5.8, but whats the Ph of the run off?

I recently had some issues with my Ph run off being far lower than the feed,

despite flushing the medium regularly.


Not feeling super confident, but its worth ruling it out as a low PH will probably cause your plants to turn like that within a few days.


Cyclone -

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