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grown in clay

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So i got my hands on some auto's put some out and have been looking after them consistently apart from one to which i planted in rock hard clay have not watered it have not done anything  to it and its Rockin along has anyone else seen or done this before.And do auto's take more time outdoor than indoor to reach flowering stage and is topping auto's a good idea


thx  :jedifight   

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Clay can be good, dig a hole about the size of a 200ml pot, throw in some mulch some nutrients and a plant and away you go.

The clay is full of nutrients and if it's wet retains moisture and also holds a constant temperature. You just have to watch out if it rains because then the clay can hold too much water. 

Clay on a slight slope is really good.

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As already said, clay on a slope works well. Regardless of what I'm growing, I like to dig in lime, well composted chicken shit, blood & bone into clay a month or two before planting. Clays good but even better if it's broken down & the worms have had a go [put down mulch, worms will turn up & do the work for you.] So heaps of mulch.

If you've already planted some blood & bones a good idea. I'd also trim any pissy lower branches & mulch up the stem. [The hemp plant is one of three, that I'm aware of, whose stem will not rot when mulched]  Mulch also helps to stop evaporation of soil moisture.


Autos are a brilliant idea for outside. I wouldn't trim it either, just hope it's not a bolter. If it starts to get a little big you could always train it on stakes.

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yeah the worms had already taken over and doing there job before i turned up theres like 1/2 ft of mulch/topsoil already,I did break the clay up a fair bit and mixed in the mulch.This crappy little town doesn't sell gypsum so i might just leave them ,they are well drained havent put blood n bone down just cow poo/seasol and water they seem to be happy the one just in hard clay be itself is rockin along im just going to leave it and see what it does,Thank you everyone your input has helped.Also if anyone knows a good mould resistant strain that does well in SWoz would be appreciated



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