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50/50 Miracle Gro ORGANIC/Perlite for Autoflower grow

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Does anyone have experience using Miracle Gro ORGANIC potting soil with a half half mix with Perliite for an Autoflower grow?  Is it worth trying this recipe for autoflowers?


All I would feed (sparingy) is Seasol for the first 4 weeks (every other week) then Powerfeed flowering nutes for the rest of the flowering period and flushing the last 2 weeks with plain water and blackstrap molassas.


Thoughts on this plan?  Has anyone every used Miracle Gro Organic potting soil before?  It's the only decent potting soil mix they had at Bunnings.

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Hey Schmeghead.


Sounds like your trying to grow outdoors?

Although I don't have much experience with decent outdoor grows,

at a fundamental level, perlite drains faster, and holds less water than most growing mediums,

which can be good for a number of reasons, but in your case, if your growing outside, the amount of perlite

will make a huge difference to your watering frequency.


If your going bush and can only access them once a week, you may not need any perlite as they may go very long periods without a watering.

on the other hand, if they are going into your back yard, then sure, 50/50 why not?

Personally I wouldn't put more than 50% perlite because you don't want to have to water them every day.


Cyclone -

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