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Bad grow problems and cannabis australis

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Hi guys,

My first post on a cannabis forum :)

I'm a newbie at indoor iv got bad problems with my babies my mate gave me, they where fine for months even got a nice smoke from the first crop best iv had in ages, then they all started turning yellow and dieing off some leaves are turning purple on some plants and very slow growth all in coco and perlite using rain water most waters and dutch master one about once a fortnight.

Temps are about 30c in veg tent and 27-30 in flower tent.

I will try and get some pictures up tonight or in the morning.

I really don't want to lose these girls as my mate says he will want a few back in a few weeks.


Also would love to try and get a hold of some cannabis australis (mongy weed), thinking of doing a bit of bush walking over Christmas in the hunter valley, as iv read somewhere it was growing wild somewhere around there in the bush there? lol


Thank you•

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Pics and some more information would help but first up if that is coco you need to feed more often than once a fortnight.


You say you got a harverst and then the plants deteriorated... did you start again from fresh clones or did you reveg the remains of the plants that were harvested?

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Yeah sorry I did not have time to take pictures this morning, I was given 14, 4 started flower the rest where still in veg. When the 4 in flower where finished I put 4 more in the flower tent because the veg tent was too full this is when it all started going bad in both tents? I'm also only using ph drops to test my nute water usually about 5.5-6.5.

Do you think I am under feeding my plants to much as I usually only give them half strength as well when I feed them.


Thank you•

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Hi Malstent,

Sounds like they are being under fed, but pics would be helpful.

Just follow the direction on the back of the bottle for strength if you don't have an EC meter.

Feed the ones in flower every 3-4 days with nutrient solution or when the pots feel light and dry.

Then push a bunch of fresh water through them every 2-3 feeds to prevent salt build up.


Cyclone -

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Gday Mate, I wonder if any of these charts might help you diagnose the problem.. 



I would love to grow Mongy weed too, one day I will I am sure!! EDIT* If you are interested in Cannabis Australis, you might find this thread a good read. https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/14173-mongy-weed-explained/




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Hey there some good charts thanks mate,


I will try and take some pictures soon just had a smoke and it didn't really give me the energy rush I was hoping for haha.

I'm pretty sure iv got multiple deficiencies at the moment.

I thought it would be easy growing indoor I grew a few outdoor before and they were so easy....


Yeah I had a read of that a few weeks back it's its a good read thanks for the refresh, I would love to try and cross it with a real fat leaved indica could possibly end end up with a plant that still doesn't look like weed? If you had the time and room there could be so many different combinations (mongy weed x indica x auto flower)? Stealth auto plant, maybe mix some sativa in to get some stretch.....yep I'm pretty baked...

But thanks for the reply.


Thank you•

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I don't think you have multiple deficiencies... general starvation, letting the coco get way too dry and using the wrong sort of nutrients... yes to all those, but nothing that needs you to tinker with supplements for trace elements.


I'd flush the coco with plain tap water pH adjusted to 5.8 and then feed with a coco specific two part nutrient solution at every watering. Save the one part for soil, it will work better there.

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