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Planting late in the season? Better or worse?

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So i live in Australia so it was literally our first day of summer yesterday.
I have some sativa in the ground started early going great. At the current rate they are likely to be over 7 foot by the end of season.
BUT i also have some hybrid seedling in. (which i have grown before which was good)
They are about 2 or so weeks old and are about an inch high.
The longest day of the year is in about 3 weeks.
What is likely to happen with these guys?
What size will they likely get to?
How long does it normally take for a plant to react to the shorting light hours when planted this late?
i read somewhere that planting late can be better because you can have smaller plants but packed with bud.
Thanks for any input guys.

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Kind of "how long is a piece of string" questions. Growth rates can depend on many variables.


Still not too late. You could end up with 3-4 footers, depending on type.


I believe if you plant 2 same female seeds 2 months apart, they will roughly flower at the same time, all other things being equal. What will differ is the yield.


They can still grow somewhat after they start to flower.


You are correct about late plantings can result in smaller plants, sometimes they can look like a 2 foot cola, with hardly any branches.


Some people grow this way over winter. :)

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