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Put me out of my misery, I killed them right?

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Growing Medium: Mostly mushroom compost, with equal parts lime, vermiculite and peat moss.
Growing Style: Soil
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Every 2-3 days?
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): Don't know
PH Levels:5-6
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 20-30%
Air Flow/Fans etc.:2x 120mm computer fans, one in, one out.
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): MH 250W
Total Wattage: 250w
Growth Stage: Vegetative
Plants Age: 7 weeks since planting germinated seeds
Cannabis Strain:
Northern Lights Auto/Feminised


Hey guys


First time grower here I'll try to keep this brief. Have 2 plants, noticed last week leaves were starting to get yellow spots and some starting to go dark and curl along their length. Gave a half strength nute mix (first one since seedling) with an "orchid flowering stage" nutrient power mixed with water (around 16-11-12 or something, was the closest thing I could find to a 20-20-20 fertiliser locally)  and also re-potted on the weekend into the soil mix listed above in 300mm 12 litre pots. Now after 2 days look at the pics and you'll see whats happening :( I'm thinking it could be a combination of it being too hot (temps are probably above 30 degrees during the day), not enough humidity (probably stays around 20-30%) and too acidic pH soil levels. Leaves are dried and going yellower and crumbling off. My light is 24/7.


I don't know how I can control the temps and humidity without going crazy and getting some kind of air con unit for my grow wardrobe which I keep in the garage. I've also struggled keeping the pH levels about 5 or 6 for the plants lives, tried piling on the dolomite lime and watering, no real big change.


Any ideas of how I can save these girls? Or am I stuffed and need to grow again in autumn when we're not going into 30+ degree days?



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Too much of everything to soon, unfortunately. I would be swapping the vermiculite for perlite as well. Some auto's are very nute sensitive also. Start with low nutes about 1/4 strength  then build up slowly. Way too much water as well especially when using vermiculite as it retains a lot of water, it is like a sponge. You should only water when the pots feel light. Feel the weight when dry then again after a good water, then you will know when they need the next water by picking them up.

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So is there anything i can do to quickly raise the ph levels without waiting for weeks for the lime to kick in? And what's an ec pen?

EC pens measure electrical conductivity in water which is a good way of telling how strong your nutrient mix is.  You should check your tap water's ph.  Most of the time the ph is kept a tad high to slow down corrosion and stuff.  I know my tap water comes out at over 8.0ph so yours might be similar.  If not take a trip to the hydro shop and get yourself a couple of bottles of ph adjuster.  They're cheap enough and go a very long way :)

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IMO,I reckon there fucked so no harm in trying to save them. Someone in here may have brought plants like that back to life though. If you start off giving them a good flush with ph adjusted water imo they will still have extremely wet roots, why not try drying one out, no water until the pot is light and flush the other one, then start again. You may save one or both or kill them but at least you will be learning. Most of us in here have gone through problems similar to yours. If they do come good repot them into whatever you are using and add perlite 20% the rest potting mix, good quality mix though and no vermiculite. Go for a rose type nutrient or seasol.

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