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Whats going on here?


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Can anyone pinpoint what the problem is here?


The new leaves are curling up and the colour is pale.


It is a pinapple chunk, in canna coco with a little perlite. Feeding weak nutrients at 5.8-9 ph.


The tip of one of the 1st sets of leaves is brown, which looks a bit like nute burn, but I would expect the colour to have got better before any burning happened - its been a light green pretty much from the start.


I have been thinking it may have been heat so ive lowered the rack a little. There is a power plant next to it in the same mix getting the same nutes which isn't showing any ill effects.



P Chunk




Power Plant




Power Plant seems to be showing a purple influence which is pretty cool. It does look a little pale too though.


They were sprouted at the same time and the chunk doesn't seem to be slowing, I would just like to find out the problem before it gets worse.


Any suggestions would be appreciated



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I flushed it yesterday with ph'ed water, I am getting runoff at 6.2ph


I am using weak nutes, no where near full strength.


I'm starting to get a little more concerned now as the Power Plant is showing signs of yellowing starting from the tip of the 1st pair of leaves.


The Pineapple chunk's next set of leaves look they are going to grow the same way, they have little miniature curls already so im ruling out the over heated possibility. The 5 point leaves aren't even fully out yet and the plant smells sweet as without having to even touch the plant whether that makes a difference or not.


I daresay the problem lies with the coco. I have never used this before but read a fair bit here before I decided to use it. I just don't know what I am doing wrong though.


I use 5.8ph to water

canna brand coco

flushed before planting

weak nutes

watering very sparingly as the coco seems to stay pretty moist.

mixed with a little perlite, and I put some small rocks at the bottom of the pot for drainage.


Am I missing something?


ps. a white rhino in the same mix/conditions is a picture of health....

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Did you order seeds overseas online? If so been told that because of the bulk of small packages are hard to give a proper search they are moved through a X ray unit where they look at heaps of packages at once, therefore being exposed to harmful rays longer.


If this is the case the seed will crack and grow its first sets of leaves yellow over and die. This dose not mean always most people are lucky, so don't give up till she has



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Thanks for the replies.


Train Wreck - I said in the previous post my runoff is at 6.2ph already. Should I still feed at 5.6ph?


Haze - yes they were.


I'm kind of really lost as to what is wrong. Its almost like its a mutant. I haven't given up on it as it is keeping pace with the others, its just the leaves keep coming out all crinkly and prickly - its weird..

Im starting to think the yellowing of the 1st set of leaves was due to under watering. I was expecting some droop like they had been over watered after the flush because that was the 1st time since planting I had actually wet all the coco and it seemed too wet to me. They seemed to have liked it though.


Can an xray may it go weird? I'm not too fussed, Power plant and rhino look good and I have only a small grow space - and there are others to try :D

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Up your nutes and use PH of around 5.6. Do this at each watering/feed until your runoff PH comes down from 6.2........... :greedy: .


I see people thumbing this down but do not add to or correct this.


Maybe 5.6 is not exact but it will help buffer the slightly high PH in the coco that is coming out in the runoff at 6.2

I would not flush at 6.2. I would do something similar to this to bring the coco PH down.

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Testing coco runoff is pointless for ph it is not an a curate representation of ph of rhizosphere (roots)


Why do you say that ?

At the time of testing, it is a close enough representation of the PH the roots are in.

If you fed at 5.8 and runoff is 6.2.

The PH of the coco would be higher than 6.2 at the time of the feed as the 5.8 feed would have bought the actual PH down a little from what it was ?

How do you check the PH of coco that is in use ?

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