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Unwanted early flowering advice

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Might not acheive anything, but this is getting out of hand and I'm out of ideas, so I'm asking for help, advice, guidance or whatever.


So far this outdoor season everything just wants to go into flower for me, but it's veg time and that's what I'm looking for.  Fair enough, first lot were clones from mature mums that I put out a bit earlier than I should, and an already flowering seed plant that I put out mid August.  But I now have seedlings that were put out mid September that didn't hit sexual maturity till early/mid October, and a revegged clone that I put out late October.  The nights have been less than 12hrs since all of these have been put outside, and getting shorter, but still they want to flower up?  Plants are located in Northern NSW, and we are currently 13&3/4 hrs of official daylight, more if you count twilight.


The seed plants aren't as far into it, but they are going beyond just preflowering.  These are Afghans.


post-49871-0-85685400-1384498817_thumb.jpg  post-49871-0-99294300-1384498847_thumb.jpg


That is the least developed of the 3 keepers, couple of the others have little sparkly buds.


The Cheese clone I put out a few weeks or so ago seemed to start heading into flower almost straight away and is now pretty obvious.


post-49871-0-81513500-1384498892_thumb.jpg  post-49871-0-71075500-1384498915_thumb.jpg


I'm far from expert on growing, but it's my understanding that flower or veg is basically dependent on hrs of darkness, so I can't understand why this is happening, or if I'm doing something wrong.  Plants all look happy and healthy with no signs of stress.  They don't get solid unimpeded sunlight all day, but they are never solidly shaded either, and get good light for most of the day.  I tried solar lights for a few weeks on the earlier clones with no apparent success, but am planning on putting them all on the Cheese clone in the hope that it's not too far gone and the combined light is intense enough to make a difference.


Any explanations, advice etc will be appreciated as all I want at the moment is some lovely ladies vegging out in the bush awaiting my attention.

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Plants vege @ 15 hours + of light, allow the daylight hours to decrease and watch the plants kick into bloom. What was the phase of the plants lifecycle when you cut the clones. The decreasing or increase of daylight hours will affect how the plant switch to flowering/vege. I'd advise you on some celine dion, roses and a bottle of champagne. Take her out for a bite to eat.


She'll get in the sack with you then,


EDIT - its a joke people, a joke !!!

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I too had similar problem.


Durban Poison seed planted 8th September.


Put into the ground 21st October and appeared to be in veg mode.


Started covering at night to effect 12/12 light regime on 1st November.  At that time, light hours at my location were 14.5 hours daylight.


Within 1 week, on 8th November, she's in full flower!  There was hardly any stretch.




No advice for you but I know next year I won't start outdoors until well into October.


Plant genetics obviously play a huge part too because I have a Fast Neville planted exactly same time, subjected to exactly the same conditions [except for covering at night] and it's not even showing pre-flowers yet!









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I understand the light cycles and their affects on cannabis, and that's why I'm struggling to understand why everything keeps going into flower when it should'nt be. 


The clone pictured was cut from a mum in veg which had never been in flower, but the clone had just started flowering (1.5-2 weeks of 12/12) when she got damaged and was put back under 16/8 cycle to recover and reveg.  She had pre flowers when she went out but was definitely properly in veg.


The Affies were from seed and put out mid september at about the time the days hit 12hrs.  Obviously the days have been getting longer since then, and were easily over 13hrs by the time the plants reached sexual maturity.  A couple of different strains from seed last season were put out at pretty much the same time and none of them even thought about going  into flower early.

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This seems to be a common problem this year, I've got a few jack herers that a well and truly into flowering so is bloody strange considering we a into December now, I really wanted to veg these plants for at least another month or so before they started flowering.....it's doing my bloody head in
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I had the same problem last year. Ur better off putting new seed in, that's what I found anyway.

The plants don't know what's happening, some of mine stayed half in flowering stage, half in veg, all season.

Here's a couple from this year planted in late august. So I can't work it out.

These are 3mtrs already.




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No, I doubt it... both indicas and sativas are "short day" flowering plants, I can't see interbreeding changing them to something other than "short day" flowering plants. 


Designations of indoor and outdoor are strictly for the grower's convenience, there is no such thing as a plant that actually needs to be grown indoors, or outdoors for that matter. What people need to realise is that Australia's spring days are relatively short and the chance of premature flowering when you take clones or seed plants from a 18/6 environment to natural lighting is very high.


If you look at Hashy's current grow you'll see the way he got around the problem (make the day longer with solar lighting).

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