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6-7 week old plant, nutrient burn?

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Hi all,

had a handfull of bag seed so thought i'd try my first grow. the plants are 6-7 weeks old now but a couple of plants have brown patches on some of the leaves, the others are fine though, is this nutrient burn from using too much fertiliser? I used a weak dose of soluble all purpose plant food once every two weeks but 2 weeks ago started using it once every week, water once everyday at night and the plants have spent their entire life outdoors.




Are they looking generally healthy? They are all on average only 10-11cm tall but quite bushy, should they be taller? when should I be putting them in the ground?


Thanks in advance!

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You might be overwatering.



Yeah beat me to it that was my first though ... no need to water every night .... easy way to check is feel the top layer of soil to see how dry or damp it is, if still damp then no need to water - as the dirt is holding on to enough water for the plant to drink.


wait untill about 1-2cm+- of dry dirt before watering again.

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Just a little advice to the ozstonerite who started this thread. If you are looking to grow decent herb why bother attaining the information needed from somebody who has only manically discussed growing cannabis for years and never actually grown a successful harvest; not mentioning any names or anything katt. Look for advice from ozstoner users who can clearly display that theyve grown the pot youd like to indulge in.


purposeful disinfo or disinfo spread unwittingly is one in the same.


Good luck with the grow, there are plenty of decent canna sites much like this one online.... you have a decent headstart.



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WTF?  Sounds personal Radiate, not sure that someone elses post is the place for that sort of thing.


Overwatering sounds right on the money.  Bit hard to tell what you're growing in, but might be worth researching soil mixes and growing mediums before repotting, especially if you are just using potting mix.  Couple of ways to tell when it's time to repot, when some roots start coming out the bottom of the pot it's getting close but not quite necessary.  Another way is when you have to water more frequently, lift your pot to feel the weight when full and when it gets light you know it's getting dry, don't be afraid of letting it dry out a bit between watering, helps the roots want to explore more.  You'll pick it up pretty quick with a bit of experience.  Good luck and welcome aboard

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So Radiate .... Illuminate us with your brilliance of information instead of shitting on other members and the site. - how do yo know how many crops we've all grown? how do you know us and our experience? 


short answer is YOU DON'T know jack shit about us so stop making assumptions - also what is this misinformation, care to correct it instead of spitting hostility?


Specifically what is YOUR answer to his question?

im getting sick of people making posts to just cause trouble and troll with other members seriously what is the point?


keep the threads on topic.



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