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Where the hell to buy wormcastings ?

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Hey Smoke

Try Gumtree , last time i was looking there was a few people selling

there own home worm castings & worm juice/wee, might be someone near you maybe

Brought some crushed oyster shells off a guy on Gumtree, worth the look

Otherwise start your own man , the worm wee is fantastic, the plants just love it 

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Did I read correctly, for your outdoor?

If so, you won't need castings, buy some compost, get a box of worms from Bunnings or Mitre10, and throw your little ones straight into the earth. Put a 2 foot length of downpipe 1 and 1/2 feet below soil level about 40cm away from each plant, place an old pot over the top, and throw your vege scraps, ( no onions or citrus!), into the downpipe to keep the worm colony fed and happy:-)

This way, you get the benefit of worms aerating your soil, and feeding your plants the goodness of their poo and pee, throughout the entire grow.

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I've read many many posts on autoflowers and everyone is giving wormcastings such a huge wrap....

Im no advanced outdoor grower by any means .. All i know is my ratio of coco to the castings is 70 - 30.

Im feeding with hydro nutes (CANNA) just checcking PH and when flowering comes I swap nutes and add the PK :)

Nice and simple for me...

Ive got dutch passions "THINK DIFFERENT" Its a full 12 week autoflower... Seen some guys get 250g a plant!! Id be so happy with 100 a plant.. wow!


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