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Hey Doug, I don't know too much about hydro, but im pretty sure that its not ideal to grow different strains together in the same system.


Different strains like different things. but im sure you could grow a variety without many downsides.


Again, I don't know too much about hydo and someone else might be able to assist help more.


Good luck with it anyway :)

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Growing from seed or having multiple strains growing at the same time is a pain as every plant is different.  You can treat them mostly the same but differences will pop up like some plants being hungrier, thirstier, flowering time, etc. that make you treat them differently from the others.  As such it would probably be ideal to stay away from automated systems that treat all plants the same and go for something you can completely control for the individual like coco.   You can give the plants the best of everything based on their own needs and with your plants at their peak the choice you make on which ladies to keep will be based on the plants being grown at their best instead of just averagely.


Honestly its not that hard to do at all.  You just need to learn what your garden is telling like if they still look hungry a few days after being fed and up the feed for next time.  It might help to write things down initially but before long you'll know the plants like they've been around forever and everything will just become routine.


Its definitely not the sexiest garden in the world, some are seeded, some are root bound and yellowing up, etc. but every plant in this picture is different from the other around it.  I'm only uploading it to show that its more than possible to have a massive variety in a small space.  Its not an ideal setup by any means but since variety is the spice of life I'd take this craziness over a single perfectly grown strain in there without giving it a second thought.


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As your box comes fully kitted out for hydro, if this is your fist grow, I would try to stick with the same or very similar strains.

You have a fairly limited height as well. I would stick to strains that are meant to have very similar growth/finishing heights/flowering times/nutrient requirements if possible as they will all be grown/share the same space/feeding system. It may take a few grows to learn exactly when to flip to 12/12, get it wrong and you will have plants trying to grow through it's roof......... :greedy:

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I'm not the only one who drills holes around the top of the pot DrWho for anchor points? Much easier to maneuver a plant that's tied to it's own pot :)  I've bought some black pails from bunnings that are 40cms tall compared to the 26cms pots that I've been using.

Most of your girls look healthy enough to me. What strains are they?

I only recently realised that the bloom nute I'm using has no nitrogen at all. Most of my girls managed without N in bloom but my Black Sugars leaves all turned yellow. By harvest it looked like shit, half the leaves were dead. Luckily the bud was above average. The plant at the right in your pic looks like it needs some N.


Doug52, I like to grow both a daytime & a nightime strain. One that won't knock me out & one that will :)

I'd stick to growing the one strain for your hydro system [for reasons already given - food & water requirements mainly] & a different strain in individual pots with coco if you have the space.

It does get easier once your familiar with how a strain grows & it's appetite for nutrients [& off course with experience]

Although I always got a higher yield from a recirculating hydro set-up, I prefer growing in pots. Keep your grow setup as simple as possible. I've seen a few newbie growers over the years whose first few grows were successful only to start running into problems because they strayed from what worked in the first place.

Good luck.

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