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look at my sad plants what could this be?

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hey guys so this is what i got

strain:4 white widow clones
lighting:150watt hps
growing medium: foxfarms ocean forest
growspace:4x4 closet grow
temp:stable 80F


these clones where doing fine growing like crazy
i tested the ph of my tap its at 7.0 really high so i went out and bought Poland spring water tested the ph on that and it was perfect 6.6
i watered all of them with Poland spring just enough so the water dripped out the bottom a little. the next morning one started curling down making like a fist, so i thought it was something with the pots so i transplanted all of them in to 5 gallon pots. now all of them are starting to droop and curl down i have no clue what it is i did some reading and people say its over watering some say under watering some say a toxicity, so right now i have stopped watering them to see if it is over watering any advice would help alot so please put your 2 cents in





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If anyones to help they really need to know a bit more information ie whats your room temps have you got good ventilation an whats your watering cycle , what medium are you using ? looks like coco pearl  if so probally let pots dry out completley before watering again you really dont want to bog them down though so have good drainage   if it is a toxicity they should be flushed properly using weak nutriant solution not just plain water to remove salts drip clean helps alot   then not watered for atleast a week to fully dry out  or untill pots light an i tend to keep ph around 5.5 to 5. 8    , whats the medium like have you checked for signs of gnats mine drooped a bit before i got hit if i wasnt using roots excel which puts a film over the roots to stop them killing plants outright  but just focus one one thing at a time it can be easy to try correct a problem with 3 different solutions an end up making plants worse haha true shit ive done it a few times just use tap water  let it sit for 24 hours to declorinate  if its tank water should be fine ph test water an check your ph meter is caliberated properly a few times mine has been way out an its really done some damage  going of what it looks like id just say overwatering let em dry out            peace man 

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Thats likely to be a lil too overcomplicating for a newbie grower w.a.t, a bit of a scattered mess that advice ... Look at the bag of fox farm you have and tell us the NPK Estimates..... or replace the 150watt(is that right?) with a 400 and get back to us in 4 days... or so., I wouldnt be watering them too much when theyre sitting in that medium right now..



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thanks for the responces guys i think i might just chop her down shes really bad and i have had a sucessful grow in soil before this time just went wrong. i do have a bad gnat problem which next time when i water i will use the 3% hydroproxicd  and i do think i over watered so should i pinch the leaves off or let them fall off? and also the 150 watt has worked wonders for me and is a great light dont really have the budget to upgrade to the 400watt would like to but thats not going to happen.

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