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Hey fellas, I thought to put in a few videos that I think everyone should watch so as to understand police tactics, police strategies, and generally learn a couple of things that can save you a lot of trouble. Some of these are from the USA, but the knowledge all applies.


I suggest downloading these youtube videos onto your computer so that you can watch them in peace, using something like YTD downloader. It's a free program that lets you save youtube on your computer forever - plus it skips the stupid ads they put in youtube videos these days.


The first is a lecture given by a cop in his final year of law, that explains exactly why you should never, ever, ever talk to a police officer. We don't have a bill of rights in Australia, but the video applies very well in Australia also - just make sure you look up your specific rights in your state or territory.


If you think sitting down for 2 hours to watch everything is boring, just ask yourself how boring a prison cell for 2 years would be.


part 1




part 2




This video is by an ex DEA agent that changed his mind about weed. He explains things like how police cameras work from the air, what they look for, how to hide your setup as best as possible, and how not to leave traces that can lead back to you if you're doing a sneaky guerilla grow. Essential info, imo. The US government hates him so much they are now trying to take his kids off him for teaching them that the government is wrong - so he's onto something.




I run a (legit) business personally, and always look at any deal I am about to make with the attitude "how is the other bloke going to try and scam me", which is why I am still in business and so many other people went under - so I think that anyone who deals with the police force in Australia today should have exactly the same attitude. Todays police force is not the same as it used to be.

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