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1st grow evar thread - hydro, autopot, tent and autoflowers

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Hi Guys, I will make this my grow thread because I will surely need alot of help.  I'll try to keep it all in this thread with updates and questions.  I'm planning my first grow with autoflowers so I can get in a harvest and start a 2nd proper grow after I have a stash to medicate with.  I'm gathering up all materials, just ordered seeds last night 2x Blueberry Dutch Passion Fem Auto and 3x Auto Jack 47 Fem Auto.


If I can get 1 small harvest from a couple Autos then it'll hold me over until I start a proper grow.  I already received the 4 unit Autopot system with the 37L reservoir and 7 gallon buckets.  This will be my watering system.  I'm sure I'll need help from seed to smoke so I'll have a few questions to start out  on set up.


  • What substrate should I use?  Most have said fill the bottom with 1/4 with clay balls (I'll be using an air ring or air dome (something to aerate the root ball)
  • Then use the House and Garden RHP Coco Coir with 30% Perite and about 1/4 inch perite on top.  (Is that right?)
  • Germinate the seeds in the cup of tap or distilled water for 48hrs til they crack then put in damp paper towels for a few more days until there's a root.
  • Pop those germinated seeds into rockwool and into the 7 gallon pot already setup with substrate
  • Water top down for 2 weeks (no nutes) with plain tap water or distilled water then turn on the Autopot watering system.
  • Top feed nutes after 4 weeks in a fraction of the quantity stated on the box.  I hear Autoflowering plants are sensitive to nutes.
  • I don't know what kind of nute feeding schedule I'll need to follow after this or what I should use as nutes.  I was thinking a Miracle Gro grow but I'll invest in the Canna nute products if it will increase quality and yield.
  • I would like high CBD content for pain relief and also high THC content so I don't know when to harvest, or if I need to flush/water/feed with plain tap water for the last 3 weeks.

I'm sure I've missed heaps.  Please help me fill in the gaps and first of all, help me start out right.


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Hi Schmeg, good luck with the grow.


I'd recommend using a hydroponic medium and hydroponic nutrients.


The plants will starve and perform badly if you don't feed them for a month, I would start them on weak nutes straight away.


Naycha :peace:


Which hydroponic mediums?  I was going to go with the Garden RHP Coco Coir with 30% Perite mix, is that the right recipe?  Can you maybe link me to a great hydro medium recipe?  


Can you provide some tips on amounts, what exactly to use and when...like a feeding schedule?  Also, when I start off watering top down how much should I water per day and with how much nutes?  Thanky Naycha!

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Sorry guys, can't edit and add a pic but here's what I have to work with for now.  I bought a tent kit but I'll use the tent later in the future.  All I have is this robe for now.  Any ideas on an Autopot setup in this robe?  Should I line the floor with some plastic tarp type material?  


Ideas, guys!  I need em!   :)


btw, how do I post a picture here?  I use imgur as my picture hosting.


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Sorry, again...I can't edit the post above to add more info but found a hydro soil recipe:


7 parts Home and Garden Coco (pre-flushed) to 3 parts Perite.  I'll incorporate the airdome and cover the airdome with clay balls.


I need some help with the top down watering mix for the first 2 weeks  Does anyone have a recipe I can follow so I don't screw up the start up?  Also, can anyone post any and all threads similar to mine that I can follow?



Here's what I did this evening.  Baby steps....




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Hey mate, 


Afaik they are not he patented autopot system from Jim fah, rather knock off from the UK, so not 100% sure if it works exactly the same. But I would b somewhat cautious using coco in it, you will need to really be on top of flushing the plants, I know people have had success using coco in it, but I would personally go for a perlite/vermiculite medium, something inert. It is what i am using in my autopot system, working great. 

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Heya Schmeggy,  Contrary to above, Coco is an inert Medium, its a hydroponics medium, not a soil. Theres nothing living in coco until you add it, eg. Bacteria etc.

I never used auto pots mate, but I do know if ya stick a light in that cupboard, keeping the resi outside the cupboard will help keep it cool.

Check out some of the auto threads here mate, as the feeding for em is a lil different and they need a good start to get the most from them.


Peace. Nibbler.

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Hey nibbs, 


When referring to an inert medium I was referring to it's ability to hold on to specific chemicals etc, as coco has an affinity to certain elemnts over others, it will hold onto them and is why a) run to waste feeding is most reccomended for coco and B ) testing ph of runoff is not a way to find out the actual ph of rhizosphere.


Now the benefits of the auto pot system may be lost using a coco substrate seeing as he will ahve to still flush often (maybe even more so) do to above reason of coco holding onto some elements and without a run to waste system without heaps of flushes this may turn into toxic amounts therefor harming the plants.


Now the above is why i'd reccomend a perlite/vermiculite mix for auto pot system, after all it is what is supplied with the real version as a starter medium. Flushes are still reccomended but are needed farther and fewer between

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