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Growing mushrooms instead of weed, help!

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Hey guys


First time grower, 2 Northern Lights plants, I germinated the seeds and planted in soil pots almost 3 weeks ago. Kept them growing outside for almost 2 weeks, seemed to grow well; slow, but well. Left them outside during the day and brought them inside at night in case it got a little cold for them. Now have put them inside into a homemade computer case growing box which they've been in for a week now.


The case is a standard computer tower which I've lined with black plastic and spray painted matte white on the inside. Air flow is via 2x 120mm 12v computer fans. Lights at the moment are 2x 23w warm white CFLs hanging close to the seedlings. Case is fully enclosed when working with airflow flowing through it courtesy of the fans.


Problem is, the seedling leaves over the past 3 or 4 days are starting to yellow and droop, and small mushrooms are growing around them in the pots. I pull them out every time I see them but they grow back quick, almost 24 hours and theres a new crop of shrooms surrounding the seedlings. There's always a few tiny little bugs scooting around the soil when I check too, kinda like the little tiny winged things that are attracted to an outdoor light when turned on, wouldn't of though this'd be a problem though. I have an anti fungal plant spray I could use to control the mushrooms if this is advised?


A few notes - lights are on 24/7, I water either every day or every second day if I think the soil is damp enough. I've used Miracle Grow soil (yes, I've heard this isn't 100% ideal, but hey, should still do the trick huh?) with a bit of vermiculite mixed in. pH for both plants is around 6.5 - 7. And yes, I know warm white isn't ideal either, should be getting some cool daylight CFLs soon, if not a 250w MH kit in a larger grow box for when they grow bigger. Still, would think they'd grow fine at this stage?


Pictures are attached for your reference. I tried to get the best shot of the yellowing I could in the third photo. The "main" leaves are actually starting to yellow too, not just the bottom ones. My thoughts are either - not enough airflow? Possibly need to add the first dose of nutrients? Could 2x 23w spiral CFLs possibly not be enough light (wouldn't think so but hey?)? If needed I can put them outside again to receive natural light.


Any help much appreciated guys, thanks heaps!




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I would say the yellowing is probably more related to the shitty looking medium you are using. Decomposing plant mater will remove nitrogen as the bacteria breaking it down will source it from the soil due to there not being enough available to them from the decomposing matter.

They are more efficient at doing this and your plant looses out

It will be released back to the soil as they die.

Rotting matter will also mess with the PH causing more lockouts

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